same old same old 20 June 2009


except this time on a boat. so relaxed…. after we finish beds we’re completing the rest of the overdubs with the brian eno’s bloom app.

-dave (see below)

life prezurfer

life prezurfer

wild!!!!!!!! 19 June 2009


two more days of beds and then off to gigantic to put on the rest of the stuff. stayyyyyy tuned!

dial in the crazy!dial in the crazy!

ain't no party like an s-club party 19 June 2009


We were having a music nerd conversation this morning about vinyl (we’re for it), illegal music downloading (we’re against it), and iTunes (we use it), and it got me thinking about album leaks.

We’re in the studio right now working our asses off to make the best record we possibly can.  We’ve already put countless hours of work into writing and perfecting the songs, and we’ll put tons more into recording them and polishing them until they shine so bright that you can’t even look at them directly.  When thats finished, we’re going to lovingly arrange a tracklist.  And then we’ll agonize over making the coolest looking packaging we can possibly come up with.  When its all finished, we’ll have a little bundle of joy that represents all of our hopes and dreams and work over the last two years.

And then its going to leak early and everyone will download it from Torrent sites a month before it comes out.  Theres really nothing that anyone can do about it, but its a real bummer.  We’re working really hard on this and I think that we have the right to decide how and when people get to listen to it for the first time.  Is that so much to ask?




and the grammy goes to… 19 June 2009


interesting 18 June 2009


I don’t know if agree with everything this guy says, but he makes some extremely salient points and hits the nail on the head more than once.  Definitely worth watching all the way through, probably more than once.


nifty 18 June 2009


For this session, we decided to get fancy and bring in professional drum tech Jon Cohan to help us sound tremendous.  Jon has worked with a bunch of impressive bands, including Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dropkick Murphys, and so far hes been a priceless addition to the recording team.  He also has a blog of his own, and he just wrote about us.  Check it out to read about drums and also to see a nifty panoramic image of all of us rocking out in the live room.

Since we don’t really understand whats going on around us most of the time, we’re going to invite some of the smarter people like Jon and producer Chris Zane to do some blogging here to and really enlighten you as to just how much work goes into making us sound good.  Generally they stay at the studio until dawn trying to fix our mistakes, and sleep curled up in corners, crying silently to themselves.


blah blah blog 17 June 2009


So yesterday we broke the story of the year when we revealed that our very own Greg Alsop was the star of the new Hold Steady album cover.  Well, today we are able to exclusively reveal the original album cover, before it was cleverly edited using today’s fanciest computer technology.  Feast your eyes upon the original cover for A Positive Rage:



In other news, we’re continuing to do what we do in the studio.  This week is all about Greg and his drums, and we’re ankle deep in the first song and getting ready to dive into the second.  Water metaphors ho!  Everything sounds awesome, and I had a delicious sandwich for lunch today, so I’m pretty thrilled with how everything is going.  I think tonight we’re going to make some juice, too, so next time I talk to you I’m going to have the strength of ten men.  Ten men and some fruit.

Your pal,

day 1 16 June 2009


first day at the studio! after we all designed our name tags we played “desert island” to get to know each other, turns out greg graham AND josh all went to the same highschool as me! i think greg must be a super cool guy – he’s even on the cover of the new hold steady record! that definitely trumped show and tell.

two gregs

and beyond that he’s been drumming all day while chris dials all the knobs to magic o’clock. we’ll keep you posted on our NEW BLOG!