cover 9 November 2009


strictly game, by the Harlem Shakes. these guys aren’t together anymore but we had a chance to tour with them this year and they were really inspiring. you should listen to their record “technicolour health” and also their guitarist’s todd’s project Arms. If you live in new york then you can do so by coming to his record release show at Piano’s on thursday which i’m also going to play a few songs at. (!!!!!!)

peace out of here,


high five 2 November 2009


Hey friends, its your old pal Graham here with some good old fashioned shameless self promotion.

My friends at CBC Radio 3 are having their annual awards shindig, the Bucky Awards! This is always a very exciting time for me, because my friends are often nominated, which sometimes results in high fives. Who doesn’t love high fiving? But this year is even more exciting than usual, because I got nominated for an award! High five!

My song Medicine Hat from my Lakes of Alberta EP has been nominated for ‘Most Canadian Song’. Click here to vote for me! And feel free to vote in the other categories as well, although I was mysteriously overlooked for sexiest musician once again.



halloween candy 2 November 2009


dave monks as: Falling Man
tom as: Tom P.

if you just got here, scroll right on down for another video where i play one of our new songs.
hope everyone had a good halloween,