NOVELS 24 December 2009


So, about a year ago I made up a challenge with a few of my friends (Will from Will Currie & The Country French, Luke from Born Ruffians, Dean from Ex~Po, and Jay Sad) where we had to write and record an EP in less than 24 hours. ¬†It turned out to be crazy fun, and I think the songs aren’t half bad either. ¬†Anyway, we sat around for a year doing nothing, then we got bored of that.

So, as of today, you can go download the NOVELS (thats what we decided to call it) EP for free RIGHT HERE!

Hope you like it.

Happy Holidays!!!


23 December 2009


permanently awesome 21 December 2009


we made it home from sunny LA to colder-than-i-remember Toronto. it’s good to be back and recharge, flannel sheets style. thanks to everyone for following us on our b/vlog, there will be more to come. so far the record is really coming along just how we envisioned it, which is to say, very well. if our last record was VHS then this is gonna be DVD. and if our last record was Blue Ray, then this is Avatar (no cats tho).

here’s a song for you to listen to, we saw Best Coast in LA and this song was the permanently awesome jam that we couldn’t get out of our collective head. let it make you merry in the sleighbell season!

happy holidays from all of us, see you soon



vlog no. 12 18 December 2009


TPC in… 16 December 2009


13 December 2009


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8 December 2009