early signs of party 28 January 2010


Drum Week 24 January 2010


I took some pictures at Sound Factory while we recorded the drums.  They’re black and white so that people will think I’m cool. Tomorrow we’re going to a different studio to start recording the rest of the instruments.



HOORAY 21 January 2010


17 January 2010


Oh hello 16 January 2010


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence.  We didn’t do it for any particular reason, we’ve just been reacclimatizing to recording and thus haven’t been in the headspace to entertain you lovely people with our wit and wordplay.  But, rest assured, we’re working hard.  Sometimes it seems like theres more focus on doing publicity and ‘engaging the fans’ than on actually making the record, but we’d sooner spend work on the record than come up with funny things to blog about.  You’ll thank us later, I hope.  HOWEVER, we’re starting to hit our stride, and when we click into high gear then we’ll be able to make magic music and magic blogs and still have time left over for backgammon later.

Summary of recent events: we’ve returned to Los Angeles, which is substantially warmer and more beautiful than Toronto, which we left in the middle of an unpleasantly deep freeze.  We spent last week in a rehearsal studio, getting our chops back and making sure all the songs were good to go.  On Sunday, someone is going to take some pictures of us (we went out yesterday and bought some new outfits for the occasion – it was easier when my mom used to dress me for school picture day).  Then on Monday we’ll start to record properly, doing drums for a week and then moving on to the other instruments.  Hopefully we’ll be finished everything in the middle of February, and then we’ll start mixing.  Oh, and we’re going to play at the Olympics, which is pretty exciting.

So, like I say, we’re working hard.  But we promise to try to engage you more with blogs and vlogs and various other publicity stunts.  Maybe Dave will drive a monster truck across the Pacific Ocean.  Maybe Greg will be shot out of a cannon, across the Pacific Ocean.  Maybe Josh could do the world’s longest guitar solo, while waterskiing, across the Pacific Ocean.  Just some of the exciting new publicity ideas you can expect from Tokyo Police Club in 2010!

Talk soon,


back to EL EH 10 January 2010


dear web-cronies,

we’re heading off to sunny LA again tomorrow night to finish our new record: Masterworks In The Key Of Mastery, Feat. Baron von Fantastic and the Even More Simon Express. i’m packing my toothbrush and probably already forgetting something but we are SO EXCITED to get back in the studio and finish this motha. graham and i got to go and soak up what will probably be the last bit of wintery-ness for season considering we’ll be gone a while after we leave tomorrow. also featured  in the game are some of the guys from ruby coast and will of will currie & the country french. also if your wondering about the swans, mr. harry lumsden (member of the order of canada) let us use his lake where he has done amazing work in his lifetime with reintroducing the trumpeter swan into ontario wildlife.  none were harmed in the making of this video!

anyways, we’ll see you on the other side when we’re making studio vlogs and laying the smack down on our smash hits.