CHAMP: pre-order me now 11 May 2010


take me to the river!

“CHAMP” is now available for pre-order on iTunes Canada. why pay now for delayed gratification? because we’ll give you the single “Boots Of Danger (Wait Up)” (as opposed to giving you the single boot of danger)  and a special endangered-species rare track as well. the bonus track is called “First Date Kit” and features Luke of Born Ruffians and you get to hear us sing and rock together.

iTunes Canada

for all you UK types, the pre-order is at amazon: tropical wilderness of online shopping.

Amazon UK

AMERICA: stay tuned for delayed gratification purchase info regarding you. your pre-order will be set up soon. that being said, america, i am living in you right now so you could actually just come on by and i’ll play you the record. map me here.

“CHAMP: Sooner Than Later, But Also Later than Now: The Album”

june 8 in US/CAN

july 19 in UK


Happy Bday Josh 11 May 2010


Coachella Vlog 2 May 2010


shoes of risk 1 May 2010


hey CHUMs,

thought i would check in with you’s since there has been a bunch of stuff going down. but firstly, good hustle on wednesday night. i haven’t LARPed like that in a while.

“boots of danger” is now up on our myspace, and presumably it’s also streaming on a bunch of websites.

scroll down for more info on the song: i wrote a blurb about it for some press stuff and it appears courtesy of Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V.

One time with a friend we we’re laughing at putting song lyrics into an internet translator. You put them from English to Japanese and then back again and all the second-hand syntax yields hilarity. The words “Boots of Danger” came from this then we put the lyrics of Nature of the Experiment in and that phrase popped up in there. So really the title came first and then the song came in pieces later. The chorus bit came in summer ’08 in my parents
basement (where many choruses have come from). Six months later I came
up with the verse for it so I decided to try and demo it in NYC to see
if I couldn’t make something of it. That’s when the “Ooo’s” came, so
it’s always had sort of a disjointed feeling to me but I think we did
a good job of making it flow when we finally got it recorded. It also features samples from a talking Pregnant Redneck Barbie Doll at the end under the bass and Greg’s half-time beat. “Pour me a double..I’m drinkin’ fer two…..”. It’s in there.

there you have it.