jackson MI 23 July 2010


hey all,

we’re back on tour, back in the US. off to an unexpected but memorable start: we were scheduled to play at 5:30 in jackson MI at the “land of nod” festival and I SHIT YOU NOT from 5;30 to 6:45 it poured rain. monsoon level. it would have been entirely hazardous to play, they started shutting the stage down and it kept raining into the evening.

not to be defeated by the weather, we grabbed our guitars and headed out to a tent to play some songs acoustically. we just had our semi-hollow guitars so it was a pretty quiet performance but it’s definitely something we’ll remember for a while to come. it seemed like everything was against us having a good show and in the end i think we all had a good time. thanks to everyone who was there for listening, hopefully we can post a video of it soon.

in other news i just ate red lobster for the first time. ?????




Hmm, how was Red Lobster, I can’t stand it.
Just something you should eat if you’re in the middle of the state’s.

George, on August 8th, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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