This is another video-blog, this one centered around our recent shows with popular, hit-making francophones PHOENIX.  There’s some footage in the van, too… and portions of our shows in Chicago, Baltimore and Richmond.  Teresa (our front-of-house sound-tech!) blasts John Mayer to test the sound levels of any room we play, in-case you were wondering.  As far as the Third Eye Blind singalong, all I can say is that a certain member of the crew (not me) calls them his favourite band.  So that’s rubbed off on us, I suppose…

The band will be off to Europe, next week.  There will be more vlogs posted while they’re gone though… there is tons of footage to go around.  So keep your eyes peeled!

PS: In-case ya missed it, our killer Daytrotter session can be found here. It’s real good. Real tasty.



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