23 June 2009


Boring Obligatory Producer Post… 23 June 2009




I figured now is about a good a time as any to ‘chime in’, so here goes.

So, yeah. New Tokyo record.

We’ve been in the studio one week today, and I’ve already forgotten where the begining of the trail was (a good sign).

As previously ‘reported’ we decided to start out at a studio in New Jersey called Water Music, b/c I wanted a nice big room to record the drums in. It went swimmingly well. Big ups to Greg for ‘handlin’  his bizness’, and Jon Cohan for making the drums sound really awesome.

Now we’re back in NYC (whew) and back @ my home base, Gigantic,  delving into guitars, and keyboards, etc.. Yesterday was our first proper day of this, and I must say, I’m totally shocked at not only how much we got done, but how well it went. Again, a really good sign of things to come.

A lot of people have been asking me where I thought this record was going to go, what were we going to do differently, and I guess the honest answer is, up until now, I haven’t really known. I don’t know that there has been that specific of a plan. But as the parts go on one by one, the vague blurry sound that has been  burried in the back of my head is starting to come out of the speakers.

Word on the street is that Graham has a special treat for the blog today, so stay tuned for that, and I’ll try to scribble on here more often, maybe with some actual ‘recording lingo’.



22 June 2009


groovetrain 22 June 2009


Today I woke up and didn’t drive to Hoboken, New Jersey.  Thats how I knew it would be a good day.

We’re here at Gigantic in Manhattan, recording us up some gnarly guitars.  Its a much smaller studio than Water Music, which feels appropriate for the next phase of recording.  Its intimate and cozy, plus its close to so much awesome food that I think my head might explode.  Or my stomach, I suppose.

Usually when recording, theres a moment where everything starts to come together and it starts to sound like a song instead of just a collection of recorded tracks.  In the past, thats always happened pretty far in, but its already starting to happen here.  Its all very exciting and I’m pretty sure we’re going to make a really good record.

We’re also cooking up some kind of video diary here, so stay tuned for self indulgent little movies about ourselves!

Eternally yours,


day off 22 June 2009


we all had our first day off yesterday and some how i managed to to cram it full in spite of my post-passion pit hangover.

a) brunch with good friends at cowgirl

b) walked to the pier at the hudson river

c) subway to MoMA (yeah Klimpt!)

d) free screening of dr.strangelove (expected to turn a corner and strike up romance with annie hall/diane keaton from manhattan)

e) did not meet annie hall/young diane keaton.

f) island burger (i think this is my favourite ny burger but it also the least ergonomic)

g) went to mercury lounge to see my friends’/touring crew’s band ink and lead

h) went to get some fresh air and wound up buying a ticket for “moon” at the ludlow cinema ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIexG8179K8 ). really awesome.

i) beers>>san loco

j) bed

that would have taken three days in toronto! and today we start tracking all the fun stuff: cotton candy.


Guest Blog: Studio Engineer Super Whiz James Frazee 20 June 2009


Seeing as its our last day here at the fantastic Water Music studios in Hoboken, I thought it would be fitting to get some input from our new friend James, the staff engineer who has made our time here a very pleasant breeze.  He also recommended several ridiculously good restaurants, for which I am eternally grateful.  Take it away James!


Oh man, a guest blog. Not so sure anyone wants to read a blog from the studio staff engineer but Tokyo Police Club asked so ok. We’re on day five of the record and the last day at Water Music which means the last day for me as the band is going over to Manhattan to Gigantic to start overdubs. It’s been great, and while that might be the quintessential thing to say it’s none the less true. These guys have been fantastic to work with. Totally friendly and a great hang. And the tunes are killer. It’s been a good start to a rainy summer, and it has rained the entire session.

I’m sure one of the Tokyo guys will blog about the sailboat trip, and the great Italian deli’s, and any New Jersey weirdness that I’m oblivious to cause I do it every day  so I’ll leave it to them. Gotta get back to tracking anyway.


same old same old 20 June 2009


except this time on a boat. so relaxed…. after we finish beds we’re completing the rest of the overdubs with the brian eno’s bloom app.

-dave (see below)

life prezurfer

life prezurfer

wild!!!!!!!! 19 June 2009


two more days of beds and then off to gigantic to put on the rest of the stuff. stayyyyyy tuned!

dial in the crazy!dial in the crazy!

ain't no party like an s-club party 19 June 2009


We were having a music nerd conversation this morning about vinyl (we’re for it), illegal music downloading (we’re against it), and iTunes (we use it), and it got me thinking about album leaks.

We’re in the studio right now working our asses off to make the best record we possibly can.  We’ve already put countless hours of work into writing and perfecting the songs, and we’ll put tons more into recording them and polishing them until they shine so bright that you can’t even look at them directly.  When thats finished, we’re going to lovingly arrange a tracklist.  And then we’ll agonize over making the coolest looking packaging we can possibly come up with.  When its all finished, we’ll have a little bundle of joy that represents all of our hopes and dreams and work over the last two years.

And then its going to leak early and everyone will download it from Torrent sites a month before it comes out.  Theres really nothing that anyone can do about it, but its a real bummer.  We’re working really hard on this and I think that we have the right to decide how and when people get to listen to it for the first time.  Is that so much to ask?




and the grammy goes to… 19 June 2009