Champ Championship Round 1: Watch It Now 21 July 2010


hey everyone,

the first round of CHAMP CHAMPIONSHIPS has been posted in a video. if you have no idea what is going on with this whole CHAMPY CHALLENGE thing then this is recommended viewing. our friend Matt of Matt & Kim showed up as well. and he cradles that watery balloon sweeter than anyone.

if you want to get in on the party, go to our homepage and submit a a challenge. maybe we’ll pick yours!

3 days in Austin: Photos! 21 June 2010


music video 12 June 2010


yesterday we finished shooting the video “boots of danger (wait up)”. directing is our friend Mike Juneau of Humble Empire and Live in Bellewoods fame.

we have some pictures, and yes, there’s dogs. lots.

celebrity endorsement… 8 June 2010


day of CHAMP 8 June 2010


North Ah Mer-i-cans:

CHAMP has been released today!

i remember talking to graham in Dec ’08 on the walk home after one
particularily good band practice and saying to him “i think this
record is in the bag”. it certainly felt like we we’re on the right
track and the record was eventually in the bag, i guess. but i had no
idea of the amount of time and work it would take before the record
was actually in that proverbial bag.

over the next 15 months we gradually chipped away at a batch of music
that would  become CHAMP. everyday we made little decisions, a bass
line, song structure, a lyric, that would accumulate and shape the
record but at no point we’re we ever in control of the record. we just
kept doing a little bit here and a little bit there and it took on
it’s own personality, which now seems so clear it’s hard to go back
and dissassemble it as bass + drums + keys + guitar + voice. it’s more
like C + H + A + M + P.

after we finish our june tour with passion pit we’ll be starting
headline dates on july 23rd. keep up with our blog for news and video
evidence of us, the champ championship contest, the video we’re
shooting, and the good times.

go forth you songs! get people psyched and make our twitter porsperous.


oooon the buuuus 7 June 2010


back from our wacky video shoot,

watched the hockey game, did some laundry, now watching the flaming lips live DVD “ufo’s at the zoo”. practicing up for our show with them!!! last time i went to my doctor i was talking to the secretary and she asked if we were playing any shows in toronto soon. just a general, non-specific, “how’s the tour?” and i told her we were playing at the molson amphitheatre with a band called “the flaming lips” and she replied: “well i’ve never heard of them but it sounds like a band for mcjagger! with his big mouth… or the guy with the rock song in the Armageddon movie”

ah yes steven tyler, will you ever relive the glory days of soundtracking the end of the world starring bruce willis and your kid?

also we have such an obscene amount of VLOG material, it’s gonna take us an age to edit. but that can only mean it’s gonna be the wackiest yet right?

so tiiiiired

thanks for reading the blogs tho!

beer pong, passion pit, crabs, D.C. 3 June 2010



Desperado, Con Air, Castaway, Beautiful Mind, Ensino Man, and Ensino Man. and we’re not even low-lifes! we also went for a band jog and bought berries.

is everybody filled in on the CHAMP CHAMPIONSHIP? it was a veritable summer camp in thompson square park in NYC on tuesday afternoon, where we CLEANED UP on grape catching, three legged race and other stuff. the only one that could be disputed is the water balloon challenge where we brought in ringer Matt (of & Kim fame) to carry the TPC flame to victory.

and then there was beer pong/flip cup after the show (yes, i think we played a show at some point) which way the gateway into just a good wasted night in NYC. a challenge we won fair and square.

next day way baltimore which yielded the shower that the previous day i was surprised by how many people knew us when we came on stage. i heard singing and people knew our names, it was really awesome. and after the show the third installment of the CHAMP CHAMPIONSHIP involved picking and eating fresh maryland blue crabs and drinking “nati bo”‘s (i think there might have been a time limit). DEMOLISHED THOSE CRABS!! i don’t know why they even submitted into the contest.

we’ve been taping all of it too, so there should be some more thorough CMHAP CHMASOHNIP coverage coming up.

tonight we play D.C. and antonio banderas shoots a bazooka from a guitar case.


farewell sweet T. Dot 1 June 2010


i’m sitting now on the command deck of our bus, though i keep being corrected and informed it’s a “lounge”. can’t blast klingons in lounge position…

and i’ve already forgotten to date this entry in the captains log.

so this is our first night on the bus as we embark on the first official “CHAMP: Panoramic Booty Call” tour. we’re playing a special show for some friends in new york tomorrow and then we start up with passion pit, who are all good friends of ours. except for that guy who plays the keyboards…

so what’s it like on our bus? graham is playing mr. tambourine man on the uke and greg is abiding the lyric by tapping along on his bourine-ed tam. we’re already halfway the first bottle of red wine, having thought better of smashing it on the front of the bus in ceremony. bus company would not have been psyched. nor would star fleet.

so if you’re coming if you’re coming to see us/passion pit on the tour then great, and if we’re not coming to you on this tour then don’t worry because we’re gonna be touring “CHAMP: Let The Good Times, Troll…” for a long time.

speaking of which, let us know if you have any good tour names. “passion pit support tour” isn’t blowing my mind, and we need a title worthy of the tours’ awesomeness. will anything ever top the strokes’ “wicked sceptre” tour?

stay tuned for VLOGS>>>>>>>>>>

talk soon,


CHAMP: pre-order me now 11 May 2010


take me to the river!

“CHAMP” is now available for pre-order on iTunes Canada. why pay now for delayed gratification? because we’ll give you the single “Boots Of Danger (Wait Up)” (as opposed to giving you the single boot of danger)  and a special endangered-species rare track as well. the bonus track is called “First Date Kit” and features Luke of Born Ruffians and you get to hear us sing and rock together.

iTunes Canada

for all you UK types, the pre-order is at amazon: tropical wilderness of online shopping.

Amazon UK

AMERICA: stay tuned for delayed gratification purchase info regarding you. your pre-order will be set up soon. that being said, america, i am living in you right now so you could actually just come on by and i’ll play you the record. map me here.

“CHAMP: Sooner Than Later, But Also Later than Now: The Album”

june 8 in US/CAN

july 19 in UK


Happy Bday Josh 11 May 2010