mixing day 4 (belated) : 9 March 2010



hey Chet,

sorry for the hold up getting more info to you. i dropped all my marbles down a sewer great and it really sucked up a lot of valuable blogging time. next time i won’t keep them all in one basket, y’know? anyways, we’re on Day #63 of ¬†”Champ: When the Going Get’s Tough, the Tough Get Golden” and it’s all going very well, if not very very well. after finishing up End of a Spark last night i found myself transplanted to silverlake lounge and subsequently a california burrito found itself transplanted to my stomach. if you haven’t had one, it’s a burrito with french fries in it, part of the well established lax-mex food trend in california. so today i hit up the grocery store and have maintained a diet of fruits and bran which will hopefully earn me some good will from my body if i keep it up. so tomorrow i will still not be at the taco bell, nor the pizza hut, nor the combination taco bell and pizza hut.

right now we’re putting the seal on “Big Difference”. in the ever always changing shuffle of my favourite song on the record, the one is the current place holder, though it’s tied with the other 9 runners-up. this song kinda bridges the gap between our last records and this one. it has some elements that remind us of writing for our EP’s and out last LP, like that its 185 bpm and has no facial hair, but still seems to be an entirely CHAMP song because of the way all the parts are stitched together with the vocals. it’s at the most angular/berserk end of the record’s scope which makes it really important and really fun to play. we wrote bits of it in early ’09 but it really started to come together when Greg added a dash of the most raging drum beat ever. after that it was just a matter of learning how to play it while rotating in the air. it also includes: me and graham singing dreary 0o0o0o0o0ohs, 909¬†hand claps that whip like devo, Speak’n'Spell, a dry “well”, less big words and more “!”.

anyways, say hi to the fam for me. catch you next time.


mixing day 2/3: 3 March 2010



hey Eug,

LA says hi, all set up with my wicked comfy air mattress here. we just finished mixing End of a Spark, the gently merciless four minute quasi-piece-de-resistance of “Champ: Queazy Peach de Renaissance” and it’s really living up to it descriptor. i’m really excited for everyone to hear this one, it’s one of the oldest songs on the record. we started writing it in november ’08 it gave off some excitement that kickstarted writing the other songs. it’s probably the most guitar-y song on the record and has this dynamic where the choruses are like “bam” and the verses say “hold on a sec” and then the chorus comes back and goes “thwak” until the bridge is like “get outta here, kid”. we were able to play this one live on a tour back last year which seems to have given it a really good flow that shows up on the record. the guitars have this great riff on top of stomping drums which is like turbo powered neil young riding a woolly mammoth.

today is sort of a song and half so i’ll blog again soon about our next track. until then remember:

p=t*m or m=p/t

where p is productivity, t is time, and m is money.

or, because time is money, p=m^2

so the derivative of p=2m


see you later,


mixing day 1: 2 March 2010



hey chuck,

back in LA now mixing champ. i thought i’d keep you posted on how things are coming along as we mix each song so you can get in on “Champ: The Making of a Miracle”. the first day was spent under house arrest in silverlake as enough wasps to fill a miniature wasp sized arena sieged my friends’ house. initially traded as a hostage for supplies, i escaped to Sonora studios to get to work.

we just finished the mix for “gone”, which is somewhere in my top ten favourite songs on the record. it has sort of a cycling two line chorus and a bunch of stabby guitars and big/phat drums that keeps it moving and makes me want to get a ray bans and a ’59 corvette (but not my driver’s license). definitely feels like the los angeles summeriness got in there. some toronto-iness also did as it features our first ever hometown shoutout. what else – glitchy keys, vocal harmonies, white noise.


add that up, carry the one and you have your first glimpse, however wildly subjective and inaccurate, into “Champ: Album for the Ages”. i’ll update again tomorrow when we delve into another track.


1 March 2010



25 February 2010



11pm pacific time, we just finished tacking our record!

it’s called:

23 February 2010



22 February 2010



21 February 2010


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19 February 2010


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