Bloggle 8 September 2009



Get it? Like Boggle.

So, our crack team of marketing specialists tells me that the subliminal messages we inserted into The Real Housewives of Atlanta failed to win us any followers  Turns out the soulless husks that watch that show don’t actually have a subliminal level.  (Zing! Burn!  Nothing but net!)  Anyway, in lieu of that, I’m told that we need to ‘increase our internet presence’, presumably as a stopgap until Doctor Impossible, our resident super-villain, finishes work on our next nefarious mind control project.  Stay tuned to the astral planes for that one.

We have, as always, been working reasonably hard on writing new songs for our second session of recording, which is to commence in Hoboken, New Jersey in a few weeks.  Our beloved producer Chris Zane came to visit us last week and we spent a very productive three days really lasering in on the new songs, trimming all the fat and making them all sound good and shiny.  I’m happy to report that the new jams are sounding at least as good as the ones we recorded in the summer, and we’re all pretty excited to get them in the studio and really let them loose.

I took some pictures while CZ was here to share with you, but then I forgot my camera there, and now we’re taking this week off, so no pictures today.

Talk to you soon,

Home Blog Office 2 August 2009


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Hey friends, long time no see…

We’ve been busy working on new songs (sounding good) and playing the odd show (fun and exciting), so we obviously haven’t been doing much blogging.  But, never fear, I’ve returned from the wilderness to shamelessly plug another one of my extracurricular activities.

This week, I’ll be doing something exciting: guest hosting on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio 3 network.  I’ll be playing some awesome Canadian music and yammering incessantly about all sorts of things.  You can listen in at or on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 86, on the following dates at the following times:

Tuesday August 4 – 10am – 2pm EST
Wednesday August 5- 10am – 2pm EST
Thursday August 6 – 10am – 2pm EST
Saturday August 8 – 8pm – midnight EST





For Those About To Blog… 13 July 2009


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We’re home in Toronto now, taking a brief vacation before we reconvene next week to start working on the second batch of songs for the new record.  We’re going to write for a while, and then return to New York in the fall to do some more recording.  And then we’ll be finished.  Or, at least, thats the plan…

Theres no internet at our rehearsal space, so I don’t know how much blogging will get done for the next little while, but I’m sure we’ll post random inanities here and there, so watch this space!  And, of course, when we go back to the studio we’ll start blogging, vlogging, and generally logging our progress.  We’re playing a few shows this summer too, so come say hi if you’re in the neighborhood.

We’ll talk soon, but in the meantime all of us here at Tokyo Police Club say have a happy summer and keep your stick on the ice.

Your pal,


9 July 2009


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Basket-blog 8 July 2009


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So, as you’ve probably guessed by now, we here at Tokyo Police Club are pretty much athletic dynamos.  From hockey to equestrian, from fishing to triathlon, from lawn bowling to regular bowling, our multi-sport virtuosity makes Neon Deon Sanders look more like Crappy Crappy Crapface.  Recently we were asked to participate in a basketball tournament later this summer, and because you don’t get a “Participant” ribbon without playing, we agreed.  Of course, merely shaming any and all opponents publicly isn’t enough for us, so we’ve started really practicing our skills.  After just two practices, we’re already seeing a marked improvement.  For instance, today I didn’t even come close to throwing up until the very end of the game, and I only started trying to let the other team win in order to end my suffering after fifteen minutes of play.  Progress!

Please find enclosed photographic evidence of our sportingness.





one day late 2 July 2009


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Everyone Loves… **UPDATED** 30 June 2009


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it’s me again. considering how well my last post went over, I thought I’d show you guys why I really get hired:


photo 2


photo 5


photo 3




photo 4


photo 3-1


photo 4-1


photo 5-1


Wait more.





“Here you go guys. Oh– no, no, you’re welcome”





25 June 2009


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classic 25 June 2009


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This MySpace status update sums up everything hilarious about the world.

RIP Michael Jackson.. The world has lost such a talented amd legendary human being. Add me on twitter.

Godspeed, Michael Jackson.  And don’t forget to check out my blog everybody!

24 June 2009


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