Champ album art


Released Jun 2010

1. Favourite Food
2. Favourite Colour
3. Breakneck Speed
4. Wait Up (Boots of Danger)
5. Bambi
6. End of a Spark
7. Hands Reversed
8. Gone
9. Big Difference
10. Not Sick
11. Frankenstein

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In a Cave album art

In a Cave

Released Jun 2008

1. In a Cave
2. Graves
3. In a Cave (RAC Remix) - iTunes only

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Tessellate album art


Released Apr 2008

1. Tessellate
2. Tessellate (Los Campesinos! Remix)

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Elephant Shell album art

Elephant Shell

Released Apr 2008

1. Centennial
2. In a Cave
3. Graves
4. Juno
5. Tessellate
6. Sixties Remake
7. The Harrowing Adventures of?
8. Nursery, Academy
9 Your English is Good
10. Listen to the Math
11. The Baskervilles

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Smith EP album art

Smith EP

Released Nov 2007

1. Box
2. Cut Cut Paste
3. Be Good (RAC Remix)
4. Nature of the Experiment (Video)
5. Cheer it On (Video)
6. Citizens of Tomorrow (Video)

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Your English is Good (Single) album art

Your English is Good (Single)

Released Jul 2007

1. Your English is Good
2. Swedes in Stockholm

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Cheer It On (Single) album art

Cheer It On (Single)

Released Feb 2007

1. Cheer It On
2. Citizens of Tomorrow (Space Ballad Version)

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Nature of the Experiment (Single) album art

Nature of the Experiment (Single)

Released Oct 2006

1. Nature of the Experiment
2. Box

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A Lesson In Crime EP album art

A Lesson In Crime EP

Released Aug 2006

1. Cheer it on
2. Nature of the Experiment
3. Citizens of Tomorrow
4. Shoulders & Arms
5. If It Works
6. La Ferrassie

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