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Hi, thanks for visiting the Tokyo Police Club website. 

We only have one show left this year, but at some point we will play other shows. You can always click here to find out where and when.

Our new album is called TPC and it’s out now!
Click here to listen to it in a variety of exciting ways!

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Upcoming Tokyo Police Club Concerts

* it stands for Tokyo Police Club

* it stands for Tokyo Police Club

TPC is our fourth studio album (sixth if you count our EPs, which we do). 

We wrote it at a beautiful old church in rural Ontario. We'd spend all day drinking coffee and playing songs, taking breaks to go to the beach or shoot cans with a BB gun. At night we'd take turns making dinner, and then we'd drink some beer and pick up the instruments again. It was bliss. 

When the songs were done, we went out to Los Angeles and recorded them up in the California sunshine with Rob Schnapf, who also produced Champ

TPC is a rock record with tons of guitars. We're extremely proud of it and you can listen to it here.

  1. New Blues

  2. Pigs

  3. Hercules

  4. Simple Dude

  5. Unseen


  7. Can't Stay Here

  8. Outtatime

  9. Ready To Win

  10. Edgy

  11. One Of These Days

  12. Daisy Chain